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Business Grade DSL High Speed Internet Access

When it comes to high-speed Internet access, you are faced with many choices-which ISP to select, which DSL provider to use, or should you use the same one for both? The list goes on and on. And while the ins and outs of high-speed Internet access can be overwhelming, Global Lynx can help.

GLOBAL LYNX Internet Access Comprehensive Solution At an Affordable Price
Global Lynx DSL Internet Access is a complete Internet service solution aimed at optimizing, yet simplifying the Internet connectivity experience for small- to medium-sized businesses. As a complete broadband service solution, Global Lynx Internet Access provides both the DSL connection and acts as the Internet Service Provider (ISP). And as a bundled package, Global Lynx Internet Access empowers your online business communications with a cohesive solution, tailored to your unique business needs.

With Global Lynx, data travels over our private network, not over the Internet. This means highly predictable performance -- the speed you expect, with the assurance that your data arrives where you need it, when you need it. Plus, there are no dial-in modem banks to manage.

Global Lynx DSL Internet Access service is designed to business-grade standards, which means several important things to our business customers:

  • A one source solution for all your Internet access needs
  • Elimination of the hassles of dial-up with an always-on connection
  • Web hosting that is easy to use and set-up
  • Web sites and e-store capabilities
  • Full e-mail capabilities
  • Improves productivity through symmetrical data transfer
  • Speed options upgradeable and scalable to match your business needs and growth
  • Provides secure data transmissions through our private network, not the Internet

A Speed for Every Occasion
Unlike many other high-speed connectivity options, Global Lynx business-grade DSL service is highly flexible. It matches connect speeds and service levels to your particular business requirements, providing you all the performance necessary for your applications while keeping you from paying for more speed than you need:

If You Have... DSL Can.
Dial-up service
  • Eliminate the hassles of dial-up and untimely disconnects
  • Dramatically improve your reliability
  • Increase your connection speed up to 50 times
ISDN lines
  • Eliminate the hassles of dial-up
  • Significantly reduce your communication costs
  • Increase your connection speeds
Frame Relay
  • Dramatically improve your reliability
  • Significantly reduce your communication costs
  • Match your connection speeds
  • Match your connection speeds
  • Maintain your reliability and security levels
  • Significantly reduce your communication costs

Because Global Lynx business-grade DSL service is scalable, as your business evolves you can easily and inexpensively upgrade your speed to match your changing business needs. Also, with Global Lynx DSL, you get the speed you pay for. Global Lynx provides equal upstream and downstream speeds, so you can depend on consistent performance, rather than be burdened by sluggish file transfers.

Connectivity with Reliability
Global Lynx DSL service is "always on," which means you never have to dial up to connect to the Internet and can avoid related hassles like busy signals. You don't have to worry about unexpected downtime either. And while an always-on connection comes with potential security risks, DSL routers and private network are designed to protect your computers and networks from intrusion.

To ensure reliable throughput across networks, Global lynx utilizes a tier one national IP backbone for their business-grade DSL service, instead of the tier two or lower IP backbones accessed by many other ISPs. This means that Global Lynx DSL Internet Access customers can count on a fast, reliable national network for their office-to-office or Internet communications, and won't see the performance deterioration inherent in an overdriven network. One Contract. One Contact
With GLOBAL LYNX Internet Access, you sign only one contract for both your DSL service and your Internet access. Through the one contract, your service is implemented in as many locations as you need.

Global Lynx DSL Internet Access also gives you a single point of contact through the length of your contract, starting with sales and continuing with customer service and technical support. Whether you have questions about your Internet service or need assistance with your DSL connection, just call Global Lynx.

GLOBAL LYNX Business Communications Solutions
We offer business communications solutions for many common office configurations, including:

  • Office-to-Office
  • Single Office
  • SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)
  • Teleworking

Premium Customer Service
Global Lynx offers the most comprehensive customer service program in the industry. Unlike residential-grade providers, we're focused on the more demanding needs of business.

All Global Lynx customers receive:

  • 24x7 technical service
  • New business applications
  • Installation management
  • Assurance of the right service for your business needs
  • Single point of contact for problem solving by telephone and by computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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