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Loess Hills Panoramas

By Ed Perley

The two pictures shown below were taken from the Loess HIlls Overlook, west of Preparation Park. Together, they cover most of the view from the southwest to the southeast.

Looking South to Southwest

The broad expanse of the Missouri River valley is visible in the distance to the far right. To the left of this on the horizon, rises a distinct peak that marks the southern end of the Little Sioux Scout Ranch. This and the ridge beyond the hollow in the foreground enclose one of the largest forests in western Iowa. To the left, in the far distance, is the high ridge line east of Little Sioux.

Looking South to Southeast

To the southeast, the hills are noticeably less rugged, and the hollows are broad and level enough to allow cultivation. In the far distance, some of the hills along the east side of the Soldier River valley are visible. Also visible is the gap through which that valley merges with the Missouri River Valley south of Little Sioux. Pisgah is hidden behind the hills in the left portion of the picture.

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Date last updated: September 2003